Tuesday, September 7, 2010



I have long dreamed of taking Caroline to our beloved Hilton Head. It's special to us because it holds so many memories of vacations past. Our older girls were three and one on our first trip here. Mickey had his first beach experience at the age of eight months and spent hours happily eating sand and napping on a beach blanket. We were blessed to spend many a summer vacation at HHI when our older ones were small. Not much on this earth rivals watching your children explore the wonders of the beach.


I'd be lying if I denied that I was sorely disappointed each summer since we've come home with Caroline that we've been unable to make it down to HHI. But this year, it finally worked out. It wasn't technically her first beach experience. We did spend a day at Ormond Beach in Florida a couple of years ago, unwinding from a long but ever so fun week of Disney and Sea World. At the ripe old age of two, our little China babe wasn't the least bit keen on the beach. She didn't really even like grass at that point. And she doesn't remember much about it. Last year we briefly visited Indiana Dunes a couple of times, and she was digging the sand then...pardon the pun. But it wasn't the beach...our beach.


And there aren't any palm trees in Indiana. But that's really my issue, not hers.


We built this trip up pretty big for our little one. And Caroline was beside herself with excitement. She could hardly wait to fill her new buckets and play in the sand and splash in the waves.


The beach did not disappoint.

Neither did she.




She scooped...



she splashed...


she hauled...


she poured.


She even tried skim boarding.


I love it when dreams come true.

original blog date July 19, 2010

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Kristi said...

So glad that you finally got to take your precious girl to the beach!
And oh how I hope that one day we get to be at the beach with you guys.
And I totally love how she's sporting a bathing suit AND a matching hair bow for her beach day.