Saturday, September 15, 2007

God made me special...

Caroline had on this little bracelet when I picked her up from the nursery yesterday. It was a poignant reminder. She is so special! She is a gift...a treasure we might not have known...and the longer I know her, the more deeply I know she was made to be part of OUR family! She is the definition of a social butterfly, and a scarce few find her charm resistible! She makes us all laugh and keeps us focused on what's important in life. She can pitch a fit with the best of them, and even then she brings us joy! And I can't quite describe the feeling I get when she lights up at the sight of me, cries "Mama"!", then throws her arms around me and gives me one of her wonderful kisses!

Being a mom becomes more of a privilege every day. I am watching my oldest daughter grow into such an awesome PERSON! Mindy is intelligent, strong and capable, and she has a fierce heart for God! She has such a determined spirit and loves a challenge. There were times in the last few years when we clashed a bit, mostly because we're so much alike. We share our quick wit, our humor and, sometimes, a short fuse. I am finding lately, though, that our relationship is changing, and I am enjoying being the parent of a teenager much more than I ever thought possible. Maybe it's because I see the years flying by, and she's gone so much now. Then there's sweet Abby...the peacemaker in our family...our Golden Retriever with a lively sense of humor! Watch out on April Fool's Day! She's the one who seems to keep our family centered. She's always willing to fill a need and soothe a hurt. She definitely has a servant's heart. She has a carefree spirit about her that seems to match that of the horses she loves so much. Both girls are more bold and fearless than I ever was. My son is the comic relief in our family! Mickey is all that you could wish for in a boy...lover of bugs, dirt, Legos, video games, and all things that involve airplanes and Army guys. He giggles with the most contagious belly laugh over topics only boys (of all ages) find funny. He loves making other people laugh, and he has a compassionate side, as well. It's hard to describe each child in just a few sentences, but it is undeniable...God did make each of them so very special!

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