Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Patch...part one

When Mindy was about a year or so old, we made our first trek out to Stoney Creek Farm, in search of the perfect pumpkin. Stoney Creek is a quaint old farm, set in the rolling countryside, not too far from where we live. Although we've ventured to a few other pumpkin farms over the years, we've found that none other holds the charm of our first love. October nearly passed us by this year, but this past Sunday we were blessed with a glorious afternoon to share our tradition with Caroline.

You'll find in a lot of the pictures that Caroline seems a little out of it...our timing wasn't the best. She fell asleep in the car about five minutes before we got there, so it took her a while to figure out where she was and just exactly why we woke her up from a perfectly good nap! As you can see, she had a grand time exploring, and we all had a grand time watching her! The big kids were little kids for a moment in time, and all was right with the world. Mickey was the comic relief for all of us...the pictures speak for themselves. Oh, and be proud...I cut down an outrageous number of photos to a mere 30.

About the music...it's the title track off SCC's new album...I'm sure it won't be the last time you hear it. I love to listen to it over and over...it helps me remember what really matters. I'm so glad I had the day to celebrate the here and now.

Pumpkin Patch 1
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