Friday, February 29, 2008

Baby, it's not so cold outside!

Last Saturday, the weather was perfect for playing outside. Too bad we didn't have enough snow to do much...but it was warm enough that the kids to stay out most of the day! Poor Mickey ended up with a sunburn because I didn't think to put sunscreen on him! I know, bad mom...they all had a blast, though, and it was great to see them get some fresh air!

Every other time it's snowed this winter, the wind and cold temps have made it way too miserable for Caroline to be out...well, truth be told, I was just as worried about myself...I do not do well in the bitter cold...but Caroline doesn't really like the cold or snow, either. She's usually a little southern China snob about it. I hated for the entire winter to go by, though, without her getting to play in the snow at least once, so I took advantage of the sunshine and warmer temps and bundled Caroline up in her stylin' red Old Navy snowsuit from the Longmans. She was snug as a bug in a rug and did NOT want to come in for a nap! She did get a little upset when she insisted on taking off her mittens and then her hands got cold and wet. A ride in the wagon made up for it, though. By the way, the first picture was taken a couple of days before when it had just started snowing, and Caroline bolted out the door as Abby was coming in. It really surprised me because she really hasn't had much interest in the snow all winter. So that's why she doesn't have a coat on...yep, really trying hard to get that "Mom of the Year Award"!

Update...I finally figured out YouTube and uploaded my first they are!


Kristi said...

Ohh, I'm so jealous of the snow! I'm sure you guys hate it by now in the winter, but here in the deep south we don't get much of the stuff! Glad to see that Caroline enjoyed herself. Also glad that I have someone competing against me for "Mother of the Year"...

Love ya!

redmaryjanes said...

Your little Caroline is so beautiful! Thank you for our e-mail. I would be happy to help with whatever I can with your project to purchase a stroller for Starfish. Amanda and her babies are very near to my heart. We have an adoptive Moms chat group ever Saturday morning from 8am to 12 noon. If you have time today, you should come by.

Glenna said...

Thanks for the great videos!I love that Indiana white stuff - briings back memories!! I love you all!