Saturday, March 15, 2008

The need for speed!

One last big snowstorm dumped on us. Well, I'm really being generous in my description here. We were promised one last big snowstorm, and...SHOCKER...the forecast was just a little off. We were actually under a Winter Storm Warning (again), but the storm hit a tad further south of the city...about 60 miles from us, they got 12-14 inches and blizzard conditions. Most people probably think we're nuts, but we kinda like the snow, and we missed out on the storm of the decade while we were in China last year...(I know, I know...quit whining, already). But seriously, for all their sophisticated equipment...Storm Tracker, Live Doppler, VIPIR, SkyTrak...they've missed the mark more than they've hit it this winter. We've "dodged the bullet" about a half a dozen times. My kids couldn't buy a snow day! Not even one two-hour delay! As thankful as I am for this snow...and for the priceless photos I got...I am OVER it...bring on spring! So here's one last slide show in honor of winter...

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After last weekend, we knew we were in for a long night tonight at the SCC concert, so we hung out at home and let the kids enjoy the snow. Mickey was out the door before I could say "wear your hat" and was defrosting at his friend's house before I could grab a single photo of him. Mindy decided to take Caroline out to play before her nap, and they ended up on our little mini sledding hill. And now look what we've started! Not surprisingly, our little one has a need for speed! She had a moment of uncertainty on her face for about 2.4 seconds, and then it was "Adin! Adin!" (again) over and over. After a couple of runs, she was ready to go head first. I wasn't too sure...but she was! Oh, the squeals of delight that came from our little daredevil! We did get it on video, but not digital, so I can't upload it right now. Trust me when I say we were all howling with laughter at her joy! I even gave it a go, and it was pretty fun! It was a bit colder out than the last time, so she was about frozen when we literally had to drag her inside. Finally, a bribe of hot chocolate caught her interest. Anything accompanying the word "chocolate" gets this girl's attention! I swear, she can smell it a mile away!

You'll notice that Abby showed up just before we were headed in and insisted on taking Baxter for a sled run. Also note his direct stare in my direction...I can only imagine what was going through his little doggie mind!


C.C. said...

What fun!! I know you're tired of the snow, but we would LOVE to have a good one!!

Love the pics of the girls!!!

Kristi said...

I'm so jealous that you had snow this year! the one little "flurry" we had was just about gone before our munchkin woke up! (Of course it did shut down school for us in the "no snowplow world")
Cute shot of Abby and Baxter, but the one above it of Caroline and Mindy is priceless!

Glenna said...

Those pictures are really wonderful! Thanks for sharing! I haven't seen snow here this winter.....I actually think the snowplows in El Paso are even out of commission! Anyway, I am enjoying the snow through pictures....The kids are so beautiful and ..... I wonder how Precious will feel about poor Baxter suffering? I love you...Glenna