Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wasn't that just yesterday?

Even though the holiday has rolled past again, it seems like we were just celebrating Caroline's first 4th of July as an American citizen. It was such a sweet celebration. As I was blogging this year's events, I realized I never got around to blogging LAST year's 4th of here are some highlights and lots of photos...

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Not only was this Caroline's first 4th of July celebration, it was the first parade our kids have been in! Mindy marched for the first time with the Spirit of Central Marching Band, and Abby was chosen to carry one of the banners for the band. Several of our friends and family joined us to cheer on the kids...okay, well, embarrass the kids. We ended up having quite a wait, as the parade time was misprinted in the paper and, therefore, delayed. The weather last year was quite the opposite of this year' was beautiful! Our dear friends, the Harrises, were prepared and pulled out some kid-friendly fireworks to entertain the troops. That and Caroline's new hippo bubble blower, and it was practically Disney Land. There's never a dull moment with Andre...he does have a day job but is a very entertaining magician on the side! My kids love his magic tricks! They also love his goofy side, and the kids got a kick out of his efforts to stop the parade so that they could grab some parade candy!

By the time the parade started, Caroline was already tired and ready for her morning nap. After a little cuddle time with her Mama (I sadly can't remember when she stopped calling me Mama and switched to Mommy), she was fine and took in the parade with wide eyes.The only thing she really didn't like was the siren brigade at the end of the parade. She is fairly fearless of anything but sirens and train whistles. When the firetrucks and police cars went by, she was not amused and clung to Abby...who also doesn't like loud noises and doled out lots of sympathy.

We had a cookout and a birthday celebration for my nephew after the parade. The weather was actually fairly pleasant most of the afternoon. Caroline was so funny to watch. She decided she wanted to go up the slide, and she had a little help from Daddy the first time or two. Then she insisted on doing it by herself, and she methodically clambered up and slid back down until she finally made it to the top. I love the picture of her sitting at the top! She has such a look of accomplishment. It's one of my favorite photos.

Unfortunately, the weather did not hold out, and we left for fireworks as rain settled in for the evening. The company of friends and family made it fun, even with the rain...although we got some really funny looks from our little one...pretty sure she thought we were nuts.

It was such a special day...I couldn't help but think of the new meaning this holiday has for us. I am grateful for those who came before our generation...who made it possible for this great country to be what it is. I am thankful for those who stand on the line to protect our freedom. It is no cliche...I am proud to be an American and happy to be able to share that great blessing with our daughter.


Kristi said...

Wow, have all of your kids grown! It was a good blast from the past and made me think back to our first 4th with Kylie...
Miss you guys!!!

Amy said...

Oh your little one is as cute as a button. Lovely kids!