Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last night, I was finishing up pictures on my next post when I discovered one of my memory cards was missing. I tried not to panic immediately, but in my late-night oblivion, I spent the better part of two hours looking for it. So I finally passed out from exhaustion and prayed heartily that God would help me find it today. I called in reinforcements...my neighbor came over today, and we tore the house apart, looking high and low for almost five hours. We looked through the trash. We looked in the vacuum cleaner bag. We searched drawers and baskets and bags and purses. We found everything but the memory card. We found my MP3 player and headphones that have been missing for over a year. We found Mindy's pink calculator that's been missing for two weeks. We found a really pretty collection of crap underneath my sofa. You might think it's been a while since we've looked under there...not so much. My favorite? The spoon coated with frosting...oh, I can picture the whole scene. Without mentioning any names (MICKEY!), I envision the culprit sneaking a big scoop of leftover frosting out of the fridge and relishing in the sugary goodness. What I can't envision is why, in the name of silverware, he...I mean "one"...would shove said spoon under the sofa??? If you're gonna sneak, at least cover your tracks, man!

Pretty, huh?

So it might sound as if I've made peace with the fact that I cannot find this memory card anywhere. That couldn't be farther from the truth. It has nearly driven me mad today. The photos I was most concerned about were the pictures of Mindy's band capturing their biggest win of the season...including a very cute picture of her on the "Jumbotron" at Luc*s Oil St*dium. Then, after hours of searching today, I realized that my Halloween pictures are on there. All my pictures of Caroline in her Cinderella ensemble. Mickey in his Jack Sparrow get-up. And some darling pictures of Caroline twirling in a pink hula skirt out in the yard. It was about then that I wanted to puke.

I know I had it in the house. I had it Sunday afternoon, in my bedroom, on my bedside table. IT. ISN'T. THERE. I have no earthly idea where it went. It just disappeared. This has been the year of lost things. On our trip to Florida, I lost two brand new pairs of pants and my favorite travel pillow that I've had for years. On our trip to D.C. and Virginia, I lost my fairly new adorable purse, including my new wallet, a fair amount of cash, my work keys and a flash drive. Somewhere along the line, I lost a beautiful necklace I bought for Caroline at Disney...luckily, a good friend of mine was able to replace that for me on her recent trip to Disney. As much as I grumbled about these losses, they are nothing compared to this loss. I can't replace pictures. And I don't understand HOW I lost them. I had the darn thing a couple of days ago. But all I can do is pray. I know HE knows where it is...and I'm hoping He will send me in the right direction.


Our Journey said...

Oh I hope you find it!! I was in the store a few months ago & walked off w/ my card in the "machine" that you order pictures on. When I noticed & went back to get it -- I found someone had stole my card!!! UGH!! I was so sad!! At least I did order about 1/2 the prints off of it, so I had some of my memories. And by the way -- items from the couch...cracks me up!! (spoon!)

Kristi said...

Did you try your sock drawer? I found a missing plane ticket (missing for several days) to visit Ian back when we were dating in my sock drawer. I'm sure there was a reason that I thought that would be a good place to stash it...

Oh, and glad there were no ants associated with the frosting!

lillian08 said...

Cindy -
I pray you find your memory card! That would be a terrible loss!!!
As for the lovely frosted spoon... I KNOW for a FACT I did that on a number of occassions when I was younger & I always blamed my sister! :o) Thinking back now, I should confess and apologize, some 30 years late, but it's better late than never, right?!!
Good to see you posting again.