Monday, April 20, 2009

Do you believe in magic?

A couple of weeks ago, we saw Elmo and Abby Cadabby make an appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show. They were promoting their new DVD, "Being Green", in which Mr. Earth teaches them how easy it is to be green by recycling and conserving energy. The story has it that Abby accidentally turns Elmo green and forgets how to change him back to red! Caroline was completely tickled by the fact that Elmo was green!

Caroline spends a lot of her pre-nap quiet time reading to her "fwends". She's choosy about who gets crib privileges. "Dog Dog", the cocker spaniel, has always had the coveted spot next to her pillow. But it took "Sock Monkey" several weeks to earn a spot in the crib. Something about him just creeped her out. I noticed the other day that she yanked out the red yarn on top of his head. Hmmm...

Later that day, I was putting her down for a nap, and I watched as she sent Abby Cadabby sailing over the rail of her crib. Now, knowing that she is very particular about who, amongst all her critters, gets to sleep in her bed, I was sure there was a reason. When I asked, she responded, "I don't want her to turn me green while I'm sleeping." Oh. No manner of convincing has earned Abby her spot back. I keep tucking her in with the other dolls and animals, and I keep finding her tossed to the ground.

Poor Abby...her leg doesn't look it's fairing too well, either.

Today, Caroline came home from her first day at her new school, and she was wound UP! She was cracking jokes and being silly, and I was having a hard time getting her settled down for her nap. I laughed and said, "You'd better stop being so silly, or I'm going to have Abby turn you purple while you're sleeping." To which she replied, "No, she won't. I bwoked (broke) her magic."

Disclaimers...I had to force myself not to Photoshop out the carpet fuzz out of that second picture...for the sake of keeping it real. And I know she's three and she needs to be out of her crib. I have my reasons, one of which is the fact that I know from previous experience that my control over her bedtimes will suffer for at least a brief period of time. I'm also saving my pennies for an adorable bedroom set to go with her new big girl bed.


Kristi said...

"Bwoked her magic" ~ hahahaha! I can just hear those words coming out of Miss Caroline's mouth!
Give that sweetie a kiss from me!

Our Journey said...

How cute! We just put Anne Marie in her "big-girl-bed" - but it's only a todler bed for now, so I understand waiting.. don't worry. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I say LOVE) the bedding you're saving for - I may just have to copy you when we go to a "real" big-girl bed!