Monday, April 13, 2009

More puddle jumping...

I think I have a little love affair going with puddle jumpers. There's just something about rain boots, children and big puddles...not to mention the fantastic lighting that comes with a cloudy, rainy day! So indulge me one more time as I share a few photos from today's puddle-jumping adventures!

This might be one of my favorite pictures of all time.



We spent the day out and about in the rain. We've actually spent MANY days this spring out and about in the rain. I would much rather stay home when it's rainy, but we've had more days on the go lately than we have at home. I can't remember the last day we stayed home all day and all evening. But, I digress. As we were running our last errand, Caroline enthusiastically jumped in a curbside puddle and, in the process, completely soaked her jeans. We stripped them off at home, and she pulled on one of her fave pairs of stripes...that match exactly nothing. She loves to wear something comfy to bed for nap, and she frequently wants to put her pajamas back on. I promised her that, after her nap, we would do some major puddle jumping.


And that we did. She added a tropical print beach hat (that was Mindy's...sigh) and a bit-too-snug almost outgrown jacket to her ensemble, and out we went. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, watching her exuberantly run and jump through the humongous puddle that always gathers in heavy rain on our walking trail. She lasted quite a while...longer than me. I was the one begging to go in because my fingers were absolutely numb. By the time we headed in, she was soaked from the waist down, but giggling with joy. Of course, she laid on the drama when Daddy helped her take off her boots and pants and discovered her feet were bright pink. Guess that inch of icy water we poured out of each boot didn't help, eh?



And, yes, the boots are on the wrong feet. Have I mentioned she has a mind of her own?
You can view the entire set of photos here.

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Kristi said...

So now I'm feeling guilty that my girl doesn't own a pair of puddle jumpers. Love how you "caught the essence of Caroline" in those pictures!
Oh, and we used to have those exact same pants but (sigh) they were too short this spring and we passed them on to Lottie...