Thursday, July 2, 2009

Game faces...


After our day at Hershey and dinner out, we came back to hang out at the condo. It was still chilly, so while the big kids hit the outdoor pool, we took Mick and Caroline to the game room. I dream of an air hockey table for our basement, so I was anxious to get some "air" time. Well, the guys grabbed the table first, so I...what else...took pictures. Then I got my turn against each of the boys and somewhat lost my desire for owning an air hockey table. They both cheat.



Meanwhile, Caroline was convinced she was actually playing the video game and spent at least 20 minutes tugging on the steering wheel with great determination and concentration. All of a sudden, she noticed herself in the mirror. She was quite enamored, and I got some adorable shots. Check out the flick'r set here. I took all of the pictures in this set with existing light.



Then I took a quick email break in the lobby while Jon took the younger two back for a dip in the "hot pool". Finally, we all settled in and, as tired as we were, tried to pry our eyelids open for a game of Scrabble. By the end, we were all practically comatose. Jon and I lost largely against Mindy and her big-word-loving iTouch-using boyfriend. We have created a monster. The boy had never played a game of Scrabble until we introduced him to it a few months ago. And now we're sorry we did. The winners packed up the game, and we packed it in for the night. We hit the road for New Jersey the next morning.




C.C. said...

Looks like so much fun! We miss you guys!!

Kristi said...

I wouldn't believe that cute little winking face could cheat if I hadn't been on the losing end of it when playing cards at your house. Come to think of it, the big guy cheats too...
And then you got cleaned out in scrabble? Tough night my friend!

Tricia said...

Love the pictures of Mickey playing air hockey. I love that game too, but how do you cheat? It's been years since I've played.