Thursday, January 7, 2010

First big snow of the season...


The storm rolled in slow but steady, and we'll end up with around six inches or so by morning. The kids headed off to school as the snow was starting to come down. It snowed steadily all day, and schools released early. By mid-afternoon, we had almost five inches on the ground.

Caroline begged me to take her out early this afternoon. I knew she'd be out with the big kids when they got home from school, so I didn't want her to get her new snow gear wet. She came up with an interesting combo and squelched my protests, and out we went. I'm glad now that we did. It wasn't nearly as cold as it was by the time we all went out at the end of the day. The temperature dropped, the winds picked up, and it was pretty bitter. Abby's been begging me to do a photo shoot of her, and I got some pretty sweet shots. I'll post a few of those tomorrow (I hope). While we were shooting, the younger two worked on their new-and-improved snow fort. Mindy finally came out and helped snowblow both driveways. Jon made it home safely, but with broken wipers! I got a few more pictures as the light faded (Mickey just HAD to go sledding at the last minute), and then we all headed in to thaw. My fingertips still hurt from the cold. We pulled out all our new heated throws from Christmas, crawled underneath and downed some hot chocolate!


The forecast calls for a little bit of snow overnight, a low of 10, and some blowing and drifting. It's really anybody's guess if we'll get a delay tomorrow. I've got some last-minute errands to run for Caroline's birthday this weekend, and I'm in desperate need of a haircut. They really need to go to school! The weekend will be even colder, but we won't be staying in. We've got quite a bit on the agenda. Hope you're all staying warm!



Tricia said...

I LOVE that first photo. What is it like to have a child beg you to take their picture??? Can't wait to see what you ended up with.

Judi said...

We're enjoying the snow here in Ohio, too. We got out of school early yesterday and have a snow day today as well! Mostly we are staying in and keeping warm! I enjoy looking at it,rather than being in it!

Kristi said...

Glad you guys ended up with enough to play in. We did not. In fact you gotta say that you KNOW you live in the south when they call a two hour delay the night before for the threat of about an inch. Funny thing is that nothing happened overnight, not even rain...
School kids here in Raleigh were LOVING it!
Hope you had a fun snow morning!