Thursday, January 14, 2010


I've posted the photos from Christmas Eve, complete with a photo of Caroline's new bed. I'm a little compulsive about keeping my posts in some semblance of date order, so click here or scroll down to view the new post.

In other news, I was given my first blog award from my friend Allyson at 3 Boys and a Princess! Thanks, Allyson! Part of the deal is I name ten blogs that I enjoy reading and want to honor with the award. I'm still working on that part.

I think it's hilarious that I've had several comments concerning my ability to post my Project 365 photos once a week. Totally deserved comments, but hilarious, nonetheless! A couple of you mentioned that you really wanted to see the photo of Abby that preceded the Day 7 shot. So in an effort to live up to my "Best Blog" award in some small way, here's the whole series, including a shot of the perpetrator (Mindy), feeling pretty full of herself.




DSC_1253e - Jan7


Sweet, huh? It's really overwhelming, the love that flows between those two. Now, before I'm stripped of my blogging honors, I'd better get busy preparing tomorrow's post for Project 365.


Kristi said...

The loving bond between sisters. There's nothing like it on the planet. This series made me smile. And miss you and your girls.
Hugs to all.
Two posts in one day? I almost retract my skepticism of you completing POSTING your 365 project. (Note at this time that I did say I had no doubt you'd take a picture a day...)

Our Journey said...

I love your snow pictures...what a fun portrait of sisters!! You take beautiful pictures...I hope that you do take 365 & post often!

Tricia said...

Those pictures are fun. I really like the last one...very happy with herself, wasn't she?