Monday, March 29, 2010

This is the face...


...of one tired little girl who just realized at the end of a very long afternoon that she left her beloved gulla (pink blanket) at home.

And this after her mother insisted that our car was parked on the fourth floor of the parking garage at the Children's Museum. In the face of protests from all four children that our car was on the first floor. Topped off by the pushing of buttons for every floor of the garage by someone in our party. And I use the term party loosely. Because it wasn't a party anymore when a disenchanted mother of two joined our expedition to every. single. floor.

And did I mention I left Caroline's cup at home, too?

p.s. Scroll down for two more short, but sweet, posts. I get credit, people. I get credit.


Kristi said...

I thought you had a few spare gullas that stayed in the car for emergency situations.
Ah, nothing like pushing buttons in the elevator...

Cindy M said...

Yeah, well, the two extras are in the laundry, and we are definitely going to keep one in the car for a while! Oy.

Tricia said...

Poor girl. I look like that when one of my kids takes my green blanket at home. I don't allow myself to take it in the car unless I'm going to be gone for the night. :)

I need some photography help. Can you email me at

Donna said...

Oh, I've seen that face! Well, I've seen what that face probably looks like under those hands. They don't attribute drama to girls for no reason.


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