Friday, October 8, 2010

I wouldn't change a thing...

Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary.

I'm feeling a teensy bit old.

But mostly, I'm overwhelmingly grateful to be in a marriage with a man who honors God, honors me and honors his family.

It hasn't always been easy for us. But it has been full of love and adventure.

And a whole lot of laundry.

And shoes and backpacks and papers strewn everywhere.

Dishes piled in the sink.

And that was just yesterday.

But, really, I wouldn't change a thing.

Except for the glasses.

Why is it no one noticed how HORRID those 80's glasses were??

Happy Anniversary, honey! I love you. Always.

p.s. I couldn't find my absolute favorite wedding photo...has something to do with a little cake of these days you all are in for a treat.


Judi said...

Happy anniversary! And the reason, no one noticed how horrid the 80's glasses were was that we were all wearing them! Now, looking back, we can just sigh and wonder "why?" But what choice did we have, when that's what was available! LOL!

C.C. said...

Happy Anniversary!! The glasses weren't *that* bad;-)

Kristi said...

Happy anniversary my friends!
Wow, this year was your year to be married DOUBLE the amount of time we've been married. We'll let that pass as your excuse for the glasses. I had big hair at that time if it makes you feel any better...

Donna said...

Awwww. You guys are so cute!! Hope you had a wonderful day!
I hear you on the glasses - mine were light purple- SO 80's!!! What were we thinking?!?!? hahaha

Ally said...

happy anniversary! Love the wedding pictures. The glasses were not the worst fashion statement we had in the 80's. Hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating :)