Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Backing up...


Wouldn't this have made the perfect Wordless Wednesday post? Yeah, well...we've covered that whole December thing, right? Except for all the good stuff, like this photo.

Every year our Performing Arts department puts on a Holiday Extravaganza. It's a big choir, band, theatre and dance production, and, of course, both of our older girls are part of it. And every year, Santa makes an appearance. He's out in the foyer before the show, and then he does a little shtick on stage later on during a scene change. He always reads a pile of letters he's received, the last of which just so happens to be from a little one in the audience. And a little elf told me that a cute little Asian girl's letter just might happen to be the one chosen and that she might be invited to come on stage and talk to Santa.

This photo was actually taken before the show. Miss Caroline was completely enamored with old St. Nick. Still, I wasn't sure what she would do when her name was called and she had to go up on stage in front of a sold-out crowd. Her first experience with Santa didn't go so well.

I needn't have worried. She rocked it. She didn't hesitate for a minute when Santa's elves came to escort her onto the stage. It was a truly fun moment. And she looked pretty cute up there in her holly jolly tutu. Made for a fun night and a sweet Christmas memory.

And just so I don't forget, while Caroline was on stage, Mickey, oblivious to the entire set-up, leaned over and whispered, "I am SO glad I didn't write a letter."


Andrea said...

that's adorable! we had to "go on stage" to meet Santa too and both my girls were completely at home up there.

Kristi said...

that picture is PERFECT! Oh how I love that little firecracker of yours!
She's come a long way with Santa. Maybe we can get our girls together next year around Christmastime so that she can teach Kylie that the jolly old elf isn't so scary.
And Mickey? Just love that kid too...