Monday, July 25, 2011

How hot is it, you ask?

Well, you probably didn't ask. It's hot everywhere, it seems. But it's blog-worthy, so I'll tell you anyway.

Cooler temps and lower humidity in today's forecast panned out to 90 degrees in the shade...and I was still dripping sweat at a photo shoot this afternoon. But it was considerably better than last week. Thursday topped out in the triple digits, which was news 'round these parts...hottest day in 23 years.

So how hot is it?

So hot that I had a hard time talking the kids into going to the pool.

I, myself, had absolutely no interest in going.

The ten minutes it took to take these pictures left me in a pool of sweat.

But I was sick of Hannah Montana episodes on Netflix, so I shoved them all out the door.

It's so nice they can take themselves to the pool now.

Then I can stay home and do the laundry watch Netflix.

1 comment:

The Raudenbush Family said...

Doesn't look like you had to twist their arms too much -- amazing pics. And, I can't not say that the tutu suit is stinkin' adorable. Just saying.