Monday, July 11, 2011

On the runway...

...this year's beach ensemble features a three-piece brown and pink tankini-style suit with matching board shorts. The look is topped off with coordinating shades and a fetching floppy-brimmed beach hat from Tarjay. And those little toes are peeking out of a comfy, yet practical jelly flip-flop with a sweet princess design on the sole.

Armed with two sizes of Piggly Wiggly beach shovels, this beach babe is ready for some serious sand action.

Too bad she ditched the entire get-up after day one...the hat just annoyed her, and the bottoms of the suit were kind of gappy on her tiny little hiney. No amount of convincing to keep the board shorts on over the bottoms would do. Guess that 4T can go back in the drawer till next year.

p.s. We're rather fond of that new runway that the Disney Beach House installed this year. Makes slogging through the soft, hot sand between the dunes a LOT easier.

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Kristi said...

Oh. so. CUTE!!!