Sunday, March 3, 2013

Who's that lady?

So we made the mistake of keeping Delilah's hair just a tad too long.  We now have an intimately personal knowledge of matted dog hair.  Turns out if you are not proactive, this can easily happen as a dog's hair transitions from a puppy coat to an adult coat. 
In our defense, we've never had a dog with, well, hair.  Of any real significance.  We're talking toy poodle here, people.  And there's something about the shaggy beast look that just fits her personality.  But this girl typically needs a bath at least once a week, and it was getting more and more difficult to brush and detangle. 
Our beloved groomer, Angel, broke it to us gently.
"The fur has to go."


There was no saving it.

Time to start over.

"It will grow back."

Not gonna lie.  We all gasped when we saw her.
That could not be our dog.
And, more importantly, without fur to grab, how would we catch her ornery behind?
Of course, it will grow out before we know it.
But for the time being, we're actually liking it. 
Miss Delilah has the most beautiful fleece coat.
Like, velvety soft.
So soft we find ourselves pushing each other out of the way just to snuggle her.
She's every bit as soft as the day we brought her home.
And, aside from the fact that she nearly drowns retrieving an animal cracker out of bowl of water, this haircut really brings out the lab in her.  She does, incidentally, play a mean game of fetch, but we're going to have to work on that "retriever" thing.
If, however, there was any doubt about it being the same dog...

Thirty seconds in the backyard with one of her treasured sticks set any fears to rest.


The only difference is that, perhaps, she can run even faster. 

Even my lens can barely keep up.

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