Thursday, September 13, 2007

Do these look familiar?

Remember these? Yep. That's right! They were today's foot apparel of choice, yet again! Caroline has a drawer in the bottom of her dresser where I keep her shoes and socks, and she loves to open it up and peruse her choices. Sometimes, she'll have me put on two or three pairs, just to admire them and take them off. After I dressed her this morning, she went over to her drawer and chose a pair of cute hot pink shoes, not at all a match, either, by the way. After I put them on her, she took one look at them and started throwing a if to say, "These are SO not me!" So I took them off and asked her what shoes she wanted to wear...and the rest is history. As soon as she had them on, she was all smiles, and we were off to run our errands.

She obviously thinks these shoes look fabulous with her outfit!

And I'm pretty sure there's a story behind that grin...

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Kristi said...

At least her favorite shoes are cute! Kylie has attached herself to a dumb pair of "pool sandals" that I bought her to keep her from burning her feet at Grandma's pool.
Caroline is so adorable in that last picture. What was she up to?