Thursday, September 20, 2007

Half a mini marshmallow...

Not surprisingly, I don’t always get my photos posted right away. As I was going through my pictures, I found these from the end of August. I had been working practically full-time, getting our early childhood ministry up and running for the school year, and Mindy, Caroline and I had gone on a Taco Bell run for dinner. On the way home, Caroline was squawking rather loudly in the back seat. Mindy kept handing her books and toys, but she threw everything right back at us. I had already fed her dinner, by the way, so I knew she wasn’t hungry. As I was looking around for something interesting to amuse her before I lost my mind, I noticed a bag of miniature marshmallows. Don’t ask me why it was there…it is one of the great mysteries of motherhood. So being the wonderful mother I am, I told Mindy to give her HALF of a mini marshmallow. She was quiet for 32.4 seconds. In that span of time she managed to spread HALF of a mini marshmallow all over her hands and down her legs. She was a sticky, gooey mess. And then the real screaming began. Did I mention she absolutely hates having her hands dirty? Did I mention that the Wet Ones weren’t in their little holder? Did I mention that I neglected to bring a diaper bag and had absolutely no wipe of any shape or form? It only took about two minutes to get home after that, but she screamed the entire way. It actually became rather humorous.

It turns out what she really wanted was a nacho. As soon as we got home, TOOK PICTURES, cleaned her up and got her out of the carseat, she happily helped herself to my chips!

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Glenna said...

Somehow, the chips and dip do look better than the mini marshmallow....Good choice, Caroline!....Love, Glenna