Monday, August 25, 2008

But seriously...

If there's one thing Caroline takes seriously, it's her ice cream...and her "EEM ah EEMs"...and chocolate...and Twizzlers...and, oh, heavenly GUM! I promise that I do make sure she eats something of nutritional value, but she manages to procure her fair share of fun. I told you she was a junk food junkie!

So I was picking Mickey up from a birthday party when, next thing you know, said birthday boy's momma felt that Caroline would be truly deprived if she didn't have her OWN bowl of ice cream. Girl knows how to work those dimples and the big brown eyes.

My little one is on the sofa next to me, running a fever of 103. Hit her like a ton of bricks. I'm hoping she gets over it before the weekend...we've got plans, and sick kids aren't a part of it!

Too tired to compose thoughts...lots of summer and "first day of school" photos coming soon.


Our Journey said...

Oh my!! What a sweet picture -- and you're right -- this pictures does remind me of the picture of Anne Marie in the berry patch!! Funny! (And Anne Marie is an ice-cream addict too!!)

lillian08 said...

Oh Cindy...
I hope your sweet girl's fever goes down and that she gets to feeling better soon!
Lilli can't verbally ask for a cookie yet, BUT she'll go to the pantry and bang on the door with her hands... and then give me a big smile. She knows thats where we keep the vanilla wafers. As soon as I open the pantry door, she immediately looks up toward the area where we store them.
Unfortunately, Lilli know how to work her big brown eyes too! I think they all do! :o)