Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day...Part Four


We tried to get out the door a little earlier last night, but, well, trying to get seven people out the door takes time. By the time we got in the car to drive to the church across the street from our neighborhood, the sun was starting to go down, and so was the temperature. Then we met with the obstacle of an unplowed church lot, so we drove back home to get a snow shovel. We "parked" the van, knowing we would have to dig it out, at the edge of the parking lot entrance and hauled our sleds across the parking lot and up the hill.





These are not the greatest pictures. I was freezing my behind off, and my fingers were numb in about ten minutes. And I still managed NOT to get a good picture of Abby. Besides, it was way too much fun to sled down the hill with my little one than to try and take pictures in the dark! Caroline had even more fun on the bigger hill..she was howling with delight! Jon made me howl with laughter when he tried out Mickey's snowboard! It took a few tries to get it going down the hill...all of which looked like a lot of bunny-hopping! Mindy and I about cracked a couple ribs.


We stayed till we couldn't take it any longer. I made chili for dinner and tried out Bakerella's recipe linked on the sidebar of my blog...Betty Crocker's supreme brownies with cookie dough added. In a word...yum...especially hot out of the oven! Shortly after dinner, we got a phone call that school was cancelled the next day! TWO snow days in a row?? Cue lots of whooping and hollering. LOTS. Apparently, the main roadways were fairly clear, though icy, but the neighborhoods were still a mess and not ready for bus transit. So we cranked up the fireplace and put on another movie! Poor Jon wasn't so thrilled...he had jury duty the next day!


Isn't this a GREAT picture of Abby?!

This morning we slept in, and I actually didn't get out of bed until 9:30!!! It was great! As soon as I got up, Mickey was out the door to work on a snow fort in our yard. There was a huge mound of snow from the snow plow on the corner that was just calling his name! Now, sit down before you read this. Are you sitting? Okay...I have absolutely NO pictures from today. I didn't take a single one. Mickey was outside for the better part of three hours before I bribed him to come in. Meanwhile, the girls spent the day inside. It was so cold that we just couldn't bring ourselves to go out. At the end of the day, we made a run for new movies and take-out and had a quiet night. No delays or cancellations for Friday, so it's back to school in the morning.


And the story behind the cheesy grin and the smashed egg is this...Caroline REALLY wanted to help make the dessert, and as I was putting one eggshell in the sink and reminding her to not touch the other egg, she picked it up to hand it to me and...I think you can figure out the end.



Not including coats and snow pants,

and about half the hats and gloves...

For a slideshow of all the snow day pictures, click here!


Ally said...

Looks like so much fun! Looks like you joined in on the fun too. Yummy those brownies look sooo good! I will have to try those. Don't you think it is funny that chili is named chili even though it is hot, but I guess hoti is a little weird.. hee hee

PS: I am shooting in manual and sometimes Aperture priority.

Kristi said...

What, the camera queen without pictures from an ENTIRE DAY??? Actually I failed to get either of my cameras out for two days myself...
I'm so glad that I got to see not only Abby, but also Jon in action! What a blessing to be able to spend so much family time together! I just wish we had been there...
Miss you all!

Our Journey said...

I love love love all the pictures - the ones of her making snow angels - and the one in the snow-cave -- and the girls on the sled again I'll say it - your pictures just make me want a snow day here!! It all looks like you all had too much fun!