Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day...Part Three


We took the sleds and the snowboard and made our way through the snow to the hill by the creek. Might I say that walking through snow this deep wears one out very quickly, especially if that one is me! The hill wasn't quite as slick due to the amount of snow, believe it or not, so they had to work at it to get a good sled run going. They finally had it slick enough to almost get to the creek.






We lasted about 45 minutes...Caroline is just a maniac...not a bit afraid! Of course, she has it made because she can always get somebody to haul her up the hill...wish I could get that kind of service! I tried to videotape some, too, but it wasn't easy, trying to balance both cameras. Her little squeal is hilarious! Regan and Mickey sledded and snowboarded until they were frozen. Regan finally gave up and headed in. Mickey took a shovel over and cleared a spot on the creek to play. He and Daddy had been over there the other day to check it out, and it was frozen solid. Of course, it's only a few inches deep, so it's not as scary for Mom. There was the incident of sliding on the ice on the retention pond a week or so ago...let's just say that won't be happening again. Wherever you are, you might be able to hear me yelling, should that occur...I'm just saying...






Caroline thought the ice was pretty fun, too, even though she wiped out about two seconds after she got out there. She slid around for a few minutes while Icicle Boy made plans to clear an ice skating rink. All of a sudden, she informed us that she was cold and tired and "weady for a nap". Huh? Naptime is not her favorite pastime these days. By this time, I couldn't feel my own gloves were not the best for this weather...and I was more than happy to oblige.


In we went to warm up and get Caroline down for a nap, make some queso dip and watch a movie. Leaving, of course, a pile of wet boots, coats and gloves in our wake. I'm gonna have a mess on my hands when this is all over. But messes will always be there...a foot of snow and all my kids home...not so much. One more batch of photos to come...our early evening sledding adventure on a much bigger hill! Please note...still no pictures of Abby!


Ally said...

Awh... Such a teaser! Great picture and little one is just adorable.

Kristi said...

Oh my goodness, that looks like such fun! Caroline really asked for a nap? You didn't make that up? I'm amazed...
Now I just must say, "Oh Abby..."