Friday, July 3, 2009

Flower girl...


We scooted out of Friday's in a pouring rain. It literally rained ALL day and ALL night. This was our third day into our trip, and we had yet to see the sun. That didn't stop our fun, though. We arrived at the Hampton Inn just outside Whitehouse Station just in time to unload the van, change clothes and run out the door to get to Daniel (my nephew) and Jenalyn's wedding rehearsal.


As much as I was looking forward to seeing Caroline in her actual flower girl dress, I think I was more excited about the outfit I found for her to wear to the rehearsal. I found an adorable Flower Girl t-shirt in the wedding section at Michael's that I just had to have. Then, with almost no effort at all, I came across the perfect little skirt on the clearance rack at Children's Place. It was one of those dirt cheap deals that makes you run to the register before someone discovers it and changes the price. It's a high...I'm not gonna lie.


Anyway, we made it to the rehearsal on time. Caroline was a perfect angel. I couldn't have asked for more. She walked perfectly down the aisle with very little prompting and stood perfectly with the bridesmaids throughout the entire rehearsal. I really thought she'd do fine, but flashbacks of posing for photos in Guangzhou, China, kept popping into my mind. She's such a charmer, but beneath that charm lies a little spitfire.


I think all the other girls are jealous of her outfit...

After the rehearsal, we convened at Bensi, a lovely little Italian restaurant just down the street from the church. The food was delicious. I had Stuffed Chicken Pomodoro, along with lots of yummy bread and bruschetta, which must have brought on a food coma, because I have no idea what anyone else in my family ate. I know the kids enjoyed themselves. They were all face-first in heaping sundaes and Lava Explosions by the end of the evening.


The lighting in the church was horrid,

and it was still raining outside.

As a result, I'm not terribly thrilled with any of these pictures.

My grandiose ideas of getting fantastic shots were dashed.

I'll just have to take some more of her in this skirt...darn.

Caroline passed out in the van on the way back to the hotel. I thought sure she'd sleep through till morning, but she must have remembered the groom's promise to wreak havoc in the hotel with a latenight game of hide-and-seek. Our entire extended family was staying there, and the cousins spend a good couple of hours room-hopping. My hopes of Caroline getting a good night's sleep were dashed, and the night ended in a raucous glow stick fight. Click here for the rest of the flick'r set.


Kristi said...

I'm totally eating the outfit up! LOVE IT!!!
Sleep? Who needs it when there's hotel hide-and-seek to be had? Did you guys end up getting any complaints?
And it gives me ideas for the national reunion...

Donna said...

She is just too cute for words - love the skirt!! Oh and those "twirly pics" - just adorable!!!

C.C. said...

Just beautiful! How can our girls be this big?!

Judi said...

That outfit is just too cute!

Tricia said...

She is so precious. Have you had a chance to take more pictures of her in that outfit?