Friday, July 3, 2009

Footloose and fancy free...








I missed the first shot. The one of her standing, speculatively, over these shoes cast aside by the bridesmaids. I thought the opportunity to do a little shoe shopping was the real temptation for my little flower girl. But as I stood there and watched her, I caught a glimpse of the train of thought running through her little head. She wasn't the least bit interested in high heels on this gloriously sunny morning. No, I'm guessing by the tip of that saucy little head as she sauntered on down the sidewalk, she thought it quite a fabulous idea to toss the shoes and ditch the dress code. In fact, I'm surprised she didn't think of it first.

Check back tomorrow. All the details of the big day are coming up in the next post.


Kristi said...

When it comes to shoes, she and Kylie must be genetically related...
Love her expressions!

Judi said...

Caroline is a very cute flower girl, with or without shoes and socks!