Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365...days 15-21

Not a terribly exciting week around here...can't wait till it warms up, and I can get outside with my camera.

DSC_1736 - Jan 15

January 15...woke up, for at least the third night in a row, to our little pup howling in pain at 4:30 am. Couldn't go back to sleep, so we decided it was time to head to the vet. I hate going to the vet almost as much as the dentist. It's usually expensive, even with our relatively inexpensive and conservative vet, and it brings back sad memories of last days with our first two furry companions. Still, I couldn't put it off any longer. Baxter was ready to leave before he walked in the door. This is a photo of Abby catching him before he bailed off the examining table. Hence the blur. The diagnosis? Probable recurrence of back pain, common in jumpy little poodles, and a mouthful of teeth in desperate need of cleaning or pulling. Meaning surgery. Ouch. In more than one way.

DSC_1757e-1 - Jan16

January 16...Jon went with me to do a photo shoot for the parents of a dear friend of ours. As much as I loved taking their photos, I was completely enamored with their little Boston terrier, Molly. I might just have to go back over there with my new camera and a few doggie props because she is hilariously expressive and photogenic. This is one of my favorites.

DSC_1747 - Jan17

January 17...Alex managed a ride home from college for the weekend to see Mindy. He was over Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday. Good thing we like him a bit. Okay, we like him a lot. He's a pretty good catch. Eagle Scout. Lifeguard. Wants to be a lawyer. And president. Of the United States. And he can't park a car. At least in front of our house. He always parks about a foot from the curb. This time, when I gave him a hard time about it, he said he was trying to be considerate so Mindy wouldn't have to step in the snow when she got in and out of his car. Wait till he tries to use that excuse in July.

January 18...This is Jake. He's a pilot. And he is easy on the eyes. I'm sure you'll be shocked to find that I didn't take this photo. Oh, but to have been so lucky. Say what you will. No matter how stupid or sappy the show is at times, I cannot stop watching "The B*chelor". And Jake makes it even more difficult. He is just pretty to look at. And he's a nice guy. So far. But then I thought Jason was a nice guy, too. At any rate, this is how we spend our Monday nights. I actually look forward to Mondays, thanks to Jake. So, in lieu of a pictureless day, I'm sharing. You're welcome.

DSC_2052 - Jan19

January 19...Baxter had his surgery today. The vet pulled nine teeth and cleaned the rest. $272.50. And that didn't include Friday's visit. Poodle boy started yelping at the top of his lungs the minute he heard us come in, and all eight pounds and a side of adrenalin literally dragged us out the door. I could tell he was a little tender when we got home. I think his surgery meds had all worn off, so we drugged him up and warmed up the heated blanket for him. Within a couple of hours, he had scarfed down dinner and was flipping one of his toys around the living room. I'm not so sure I'd be so inclined, had I lost nine teeth in one day!

DSC_2064 - Jan20

January concert tonight. Winter chamber concert. Long. Really long. Mostly because there are so many percussion students that Mindy's lucky to have played in one number. One. In a 90-minute concert. I did enjoy several of the numbers. I did not enjoy turning around as soon as I got to school to return home for Mindy's shoes and stockings. After I asked her if she had everything before we left home. Her brain was on overload from cramming for an AP US History test, so I'll let her live, just this once.

DSC_2010 - Jan21-1

January 21...yes, my Christmas tree is still up. It takes forever to put it up, and it takes forever to take it down. And I take forever to make myself start either process. Don't get me wrong. I love my tree. It is overflowing with keepsakes and memories I hold so dear. And I love the lights, even more so during the gloomy, endless days of January. I make no apologies for being in no hurry to take it down. But we are danger close to February. It's time. Maybe tomorrow.


Andrea said...

My tree just came down last week and I also watch Jake... although I thought this last week was rather dull. He looked tired and bored with the show the whole time. I have to wait until Tues to watch it online since we don't have cable. Have you read the blog wrapups about it. They are almost more fun than the show each week.

Kristi said...

Our tree came down on the 19th. It went up on November 29, so I guess it was time. But it still made me sad...
Poor Baxter.

Donna said...

I always love your pictures and the stories that go with them!
Miss you!!

Laurie said...

OH my gosh, the Jake picture CRACKED me up! I think he's ready to just pick the one he really likes today and leave the show behind! Thanks for the laugh!

Tricia said...

New camera? You're getting a new camera??? What is it?