Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project 365...days 22-28

DSC_2031e - Jan22

January was "Hat Day" for Caroline's preschool class, in honor of the letter "H". She chose her new cupcake hat she got for her birthday. I love the sprinkles on top! And I love Caroline in hats. I am definitely not a hat person. Let's just say my Army days were not good for my look. But this girl can sure pull it off! I was in hat heaven from the moment I first stuck a hat on her little head in China...and even when she threw it on the floor about four seconds later. Now, though, she's into it. She loves accessories! So much so that I'm going to splurge and purchase one of these at briar.claire. I got a tip from McMama that they're on sale right now, and I have convinced myself that I need one as a business expense. Maybe two. I'll do a separate post on "Hat Day" and share a couple other photos.

DSC_2016e - Jan23

January 23...we were pretty darned happy to find out first thing this morning that the facility the guard uses for practice was unavailable. That meant practice and a family performance were both cancelled! And that meant we had the whole Saturday free! Well, that is, until we looked around and realized that our house needed an extreme home makeover. But none of that has to do with the picture of the day...Baxter getting his antibiotic. Man, he hates it! He's spit it all over me more than once in the last few days. Minus a full disclosure, I talked Abby into giving Baxter his morning dose. He was thrilled.

DSC_2163e - Jan24b

January's photo should be one of Jon and his brother at the AFC Championship game. How in the world did I forget to give Jon a camera to take?! What is wrong with me?! They had great FREE seats on the 50-yard-line of a lower level, and they had a blast! I'm sad that I don't have a photo of them to commemorate the day, but, according to Jon, the people around them were probably celebrating a little too much to be able to use a camera. The good news is our Indianapolis Colts are headed to the Super Bowl! Again! And we get to watch the game this time! Three years ago, we were on a plane from Beijing to Guangzhou as the game played out. Watching that game sure would have helped pass three of the longest hours of my life! We found out minutes after disembarking that the Colts had won, and we had just another reason to grin on Gotcha Day!

DSC_2025e - Jan25

January 25...we got a sweet email from one of Caroline's China sisters, Kylie, congratulating Caroline on her team's win! When I read it to her the next day and told her she could call Kylie to say hi, she was beyond excited! They were so cute chatting on the phone. I probably should have taken video, but I missed out on that opportunity, as well. I think Caroline could have talked for a while longer, but Kylie's mommy and I wanted our turn!

DSC_2043 - Jan26

January washer broke today. AGAIN. This is the third, maybe fourth, problem we've had with it in the last three years. It all started the day we returned from China. With 18 days' worth of laundry. The only reason I didn't beat it to death with a sledge hammer then was that I was on the bathroom floor, trying not to throw up. This time I laughed hysterically. Especially when I eyed the pile of towels in my laundry room. And that was just the towels, people. It's not like I don't do laundry every. single. day. We seriously debated pulling the plug permanently, but Jon decided to take it apart one last time and see what he could figure out. He worked his mechanical magic, purchased a part for under a hundred bucks and got it going again with 24 hours! As much as I'd love a new washer, I was relieved to know that we didn't have to take that plunge and eradicate any and all chances for a summer vacation.

DSC_2085e - Jan27

January was a night of bickering for the older girls. Abby's gone at least three nights a week with guard practice, but Wednesday nights we're usually all home. Fatigue, homework overload and hormones got the best of them...and me. I'd had it. So I pulled an old consequence out of my bag. I made them sit on the floor, facing each other and holding hands, and take turns telling each other I love you. Within a few minutes, neither could keep a straight face, and they dissolved in giggles. And then I made them do the dishes.

DSC_2107e - Jan28

January 28...Abby was interviewed for the yearbook this week. She was chosen because she's traveled internationally. It was a great opportunity for her to share our story of adoption. I supplied a couple of photos from our trip to China, and we took a few of Abby and Caroline playing dress-up, as requested by the yearbook staffer. I thought this one was sweet.

Okay, take note. FOUR weeks in a row, and I haven't completely blown it. Of course, I'm still WAY behind on old posts and big events. Sigh...


Tricia said...

It's so easy for me to pop over when you leave a comment for Kristi. :) For a brief second I thought someone was being proposed too. We should all handle conflict that way, don't ya think?

Ally said...

You are on a role! Love the pic of the girls playing dress up. And oh my the story behind the girls holding hand made me laugh! My sister does the same thing but she makes the give a 2 minute hug. I bet that is a sight!

Kristi said...

You were the smart one who thought about the camera quick enough to record that conversation. I got one of Kylie, but it wasn't great...
And I'm so glad I read this post early this morning. My kiddos were in a full on brawl over holding a piece of bubble wrap when I stepped in with your conflict resolution solution. They were in a fit of giggles within 30 seconds.
Love the dress up shots too, even if they were a bit staged.

Judi said...

Love all the pics! Good luck in the Super Bowl as well! I wish it were the Steelers, but we had our turn last year! One of our local boys was on the Colts teama couple years ago, so there are a few Colts fans in this area as well.

Our Journey said...

I love looking @ all your pictures.. way to go posting so often! Ok 1st - LOVE THE HAT -- want one for Anne Marie! 2nd - I am going to write down the "hand-holding-punishment" .. GREAT idea! #3 - Love the picture of the girls dressed up - too cute!