Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm so happy...


Today we went to the zoo. The last few days have been incredibly busy, and the next few will most likely be, as well. And the sun is finally out. It's in the 60s, even. With rain in the forecast for the rest of the week, I decided that my stuff do to would have to wait. We set off in search of a gift for Abby's birthday and then stopped at McDonald's to pick up some lunch. We were just a few minutes from the zoo, so I suggested a last-minute picnic.

When we got to the zoo, Caroline insisted on ditching the entire row of empty picnic tables and picnicking the old-fashioned way. I hauled the picnic blanket out of the trunk, and, thankfully, she accepted a spot on the brick sidewalk in lieu of soggy ground. There were still mounds of icky black snow at the curb, melting their ick into the grass, and I really didn't want to walk around the zoo with wet icky pants.

So there we were, soaking in the rays and munching on our chicken nuggets. I'd left in such a hurry that I'd forgotten to pack even a drink for Caroline, so we were sharing mine. The following conversation ensued.

"It really is a beautiful day, Caroline."

"I know, Mommy! It's a great day to go to da zoo!"

"I'm so happy I can share this day with you, sweetie."

"And I'm SO happy to share this COKE with you, Mommy!"



Kristi said...

Oh I miss you sweet Caroline! How stinkin' cute...

Andrea said...

LeighAnna told me that her dream date for our family would be a "real" picnic. I'm assuming this means a park and a blanket... hopefully not homecooked food as well. ;-)

Judi said...

Funny! I loved Caroline's comment!