Thursday, March 25, 2010

My get-up-and-go...

DSC_2090es up and went.

I've got about half a dozen posts started, but I've yet to finish any of them. It's bound to get better, though. Spring break is a day away, and my new computer arrived yesterday afternoon. It's bright....and I mean At the last minute, I ditched purple for what I thought would be a classy deep red. But I am so stinking happy that this computer actually works that I'm beside myself with joy, and I'm embracing the red. Mindy said it reminds her of China...and a Coke can. So, there.

Went to the zoo, what, two weeks ago? And my friend, Kristi, has already blogged her zoo trip this past weekend. Guess I'll be working on my own zoo pictures now. And I am bound and determined to catch up with my Project 365.


...if I can stay awake.

No big spring break trip for us, but we do have a few fun things planned, not the least of which is at least a day or two of doing. absolutely. nothing. And, guess what?! The weather forecast is is for sunny and warm next week. We're talkin' 70s...maybe even 80 degrees! I cannot even remember the last spring break that we've actually had spring weather! I'm feeling energized from the vitamin D already! Who knows? Maybe I'll even blog every day next week! Okay, don't hold your breath.


Our Journey said...

Love the pictures ... that go along w/ your exhausted mood...cute! I've wondered where you went..glad to see you post again..can't wait to see all the pictures!

Kristi said...

I have four posts "in the works" myself. But I did finally tackle Mt. Clean Laundry yesterday and put away all but the girls stuff (which was three of the stacks). I haven't figured out how I'm going to make their dresser and closet work just yet...
Can't wait to hear and see more from you my friend!
It's spring break here too, oh to live closer so that we could enjoy it together!

Tricia said...

Super cute pictures to go with your feelings. Sometimes it's tough keeping up. Enjoy your new computer!