Thursday, March 20, 2008

PJs and Puddle Jumpers

A couple of weeks ago, we were at the mall shopping for Abby's birthday and somehow, mysteriously, we came home with an adorable pair of puddle jumpers for Caroline! I have NO idea HOW that happened...but you have to admit...they have Caroline's name written all over them! We still had snow on the ground at the time, so I put them away in the closet.

Caroline has been feeling under the weather the last week or so, and I decided to keep her home from school on Wednesday. It just so happened that it rained enough in the last few days to consider ordering an ark...or at least a back-up sump pump...and I was about to go stir crazy in the house, between Caroline trashing the house and alternately squealing and whining about whatever didn't go her way. She is usually so good-natured, but when she doesn't feel out! I looked out the window and noticed a break in the rain. In a flash, I scooped Caroline up (in her pajamas), dug out the boots, grabbed my camera and hit the door! I think, at first, she thought I had lost my mind. A stiff wind was blowing, and it was COLD! She finally figured it out, though, and in the end, it was all I could do to get her to come in! I posted a little slide show of my favorite shots and a video below. Oh, and that smudge on her lips is "Hello, Kitty" lip balm!

Talk about a "blustery day"!

Caroline's hat nearly blew away!

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Also, check out the previous post on Abby's birthday!


C.C. said...

Too stinkin' cute!! Darby had to watch Caroline splash about 3 times and still wanted more!!

Kristi said...

So now we've got to go buy some puddle jumpers because Kylie LOVED watching Caroline splash and I'm afraid if we don't get the boots that she'll try splashing with her tennis shoes in the next puddle she sees...
Too fun!
Miss you guys!
Kristi and clan

Glenna said...

Those puddle jumpers are so cute! I loved the video...thanks! Love, Glenna

Allison said...

Those boots are DARLING!