Thursday, May 15, 2008

The end is in sight...

It's been a busy week...what's new, eh? I just LOVE the end-of-school year marathon to cram in as many events as possible. Monday was soccer practice for Mickey. Tuesday night, the girls were in a recital...luckily it was the same event...Abby for Color Guard, Mindy for percussion. But for fun, after they performed, we ran across the street to the middle school for Abby's National Junior Honor Society induction. Wednesday night was haircut night for all the kids. Then I had a brain cramp and decided to take ALL the kids to the mall, in search of swim suits. Oh, yeah. Insert the fact that Caroline was up much of Tuesday night (for some unknown reason) and had her nap cut short to leave for haircuts. Two words. China syndrome. Tonight we had Abby's spring band concert. Mindy was at the high school for Performing Arts awards. We got home after 9:30. Soooooo....that's why there hasn't been much action on the blog this week. One more week, and we're done with school for the summer! Caroline says!

I took spring pictures at school a couple of weeks ago, and they all turned out pretty good...except for my own kid. In my defense, the lighting was horrid, a stiff wind was blowing, and Caroline was the guinea pig. And she wasn't really in the mood. And the focus on my lens was acting up. But I salvaged a few from the wreckage, so here they are. I'll definitely need to do re-takes.

p.s. Thanks, Amy, for the beautiful dress for Caroline!
Next time I'll get pictures that do it justice!


C.C. said...

Caroline is absolutely beautiful!!

Glenna said...

Actually, Cindy, those pictures are awesome....and the ones where the wind is blowing just brings out the beauty all the more! Thanks for posting!..I love you....Aunt Glenna